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Mistakes in web design

This article is for all beginners in web design and more experienced web designers. So, what is common web design mistakes? On internet you can find a tons of website and hundreds, maybe a thousands are created by day. But they aren’t all well-designed. What are the elements of a good website?

Building a website can be the real challenge. The problem is most web designers forget that the website wasn’t created for themselves but to solve users needs.

First at all, let’s talk about readability and legibility. This is a crucial element of web design. Of course, a good interface design will grab the users attention but users have to read text to be able grasp the information they desire. Some websites use awful colors and font styles that make reading a true pain. Fortunately, there are simple ways that you can do to improve the users reading experience on your website. First is to compare color schemes of most major sites and notice how the colors improve readability. We recommend to use Adobe Kuler. Also use Sans serif typeface for easy reading.

After we prepare page for reading we have to think about content. Content is what drives traffic to your website. You have to structure your content if you want to success. Some designers just put a block of text on the web page and totally neglect headlinks, sub-headings, bullets, keywords etc. Also you must use an appropriate page title for each web page so users know exactly where they are.

Ok, now we have a readable interesting content…But something’s wrong!? I can’t find article! Bad navigation is really big problem. Navigation within a website should be seamless. Users should be able to find their way around easily. It’s imperative to understand that navigation must be intuitive and consistent.

Now I have good navigation, content, colors and fonts…what should I do more?

Do you want to your users scroll your page over and over and over? Even horizontally? Do you want to provide access to your website from smartphones and tablets? Your website MUST BE¬†responsible. Try to access to this site from your tablet or smartphone…you can read this article with a lot smaller resolution than on your desktop. If you don’t know how to do that, you have a lot of tutorials on Google.

All of those advices are just drop in the sea of web design. I recommend you to DO NOT use any flash elements or music on your website, and try to have small number of gif animations. All in all, great websites keep it simple and usable. Do your homework and it comes easy and naturally.

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